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US-9494383-B2: Tactical gun sling patent, US-9495745-B2: Method for analyzing biological specimens by spectral imaging patent, US-9499389-B2: Liquid transportation patent, US-9499851-B2: Wound healing metakaryotic stem cells and methods of use thereof patent, US-9500400-B2: Modular cooler system patent, US-9502261-B2: Spacer etching process for integrated circuit design patent, US-9502824-B2: Electrical connector patent, US-9503227-B2: Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving the hybrid-ARQ ACK/NACK signal in mobile communication system patent, US-9505514-B2: Modules for manufacturing systems and modular manufacturing systems patent, US-9506366-B2: Helical seal system for a turbomachine patent, US-9507240-B2: Blade drive device and optical instrument patent, US-9507523-B1: Methods, devices and systems for variable size logical page management in a solid state drive patent, US-9508689-B2: Electrical connector between die pad and z-interconnect for stacked die assemblies patent, US-9510903-B2: Irrigated flexible ablation catheter patent, US-9513749-B2: Touch-sensor device, display device, and electronic device patent, US-9514126-B2: Method and system for automatically detecting morphemes in a task classification system using lattices patent, US-9514753-B2: Speaker identification using hash-based indexing patent, US-9516166-B1: Chemical suicide protocol for emergency response patent, US-9516372-B2: Multimedia I/O system architecture for advanced digital television patent, US-9517038-B2: Apparatus and method for breast immobilization patent, US-9517952-B2: Hydrophilic-oleophobic copolymer composition and uses thereof patent, US-9518550-B2: Engine starting device patent, US-9522051-B2: Spacer element patent, US-9523087-B2: Cellulase variants with improved expression, activity and stability, and use thereof patent, US-9526352-B2: Wireless video transmission system for liquid crystal display patent, US-9528939-B2: Waveguide-based optical scanning systems patent, US-9529589-B2: Distributed parallel build system patent, US-9534703-B2: Sink and shower handle restraint patent, US-9534783-B2: Insert adjacent to a heat shield element for a gas turbine engine combustor patent, US-9535505-B2: User interface control in portable system patent, US-9539001-B2: Bone anchor installer and method of use patent, US-9539615-B2: Coating method and coating apparatus patent, US-9541596-B2: Multi-frequency ground monitor current sensing without a DC component patent, US-9544250-B2: Enhanced acknowledgement handling in communication packet transfer patent, US-9544541-B2: Pairing devices in conference using ultrasonic beacon and subsequent control thereof patent, US-9545504-B2: Guidewire insertion aid patent, US-9546351-B2: Method and system for processing biomass patent, US-9548545-B2: Crimp terminal, and method and apparatus for manufacturing a crimp terminal patent, US-9549344-B2: Methods and apparatus for efficient spectral usage in extensible carrier deployments patent, US-9549458-B2: Radiant heat circuit board, heat generating device package having the same, and backlight unit patent, US-9549679-B2: Multiple transducer delivery device and method patent, US-9551370-B2: Anchoring sleeve patent, US-9552174-B2: Method and system for preventing unreliable data operations at cold temperatures patent, US-9553660-B2: Hybrid orthogonal/non-orthogonal multiple access for radio signal transmission and reception patent, US-9554627-B2: Slider for slide fastener and method of insertion thereof patent, US-9556649-B1: Key identification system patent, US-9558172-B2: Linking visual properties of charts to cells within tables patent, US-9558851-B2: Soft post package repair of memory devices patent, US-9561060-B2: Interspinous implants with adjustable height spacer patent, US-9561991-B2: Process and apparatus for co-producing cyclohexanol and alkanol patent, US-9562188-B2: Composites for use in stimulation and sand control operations patent, US-9563333-B2: Controlling computer-based instances patent, US-9563706-B2: Image search apparatus and methods thereof patent, US-9566090-B1: Systems and methods for treating spinal deformities patent, US-9569181-B2: System and method for supporting an object oriented scripting tool patent, US-9569301-B2: System and method for detecting a network virtualization using generic routing encapsulation (NVGRE) segment data path failure patent, US-9570141-B2: Memory device having a transistor including a semiconductor oxide patent, US-9572840-B2: Regeneration and repair of neural tissue using postpartum-derived cells patent, US-9575598-B2: Inputting fingertip sleeve patent, US-9575610-B2: Touch screen liquid crystal display patent, US-4162641-A: Automatic loading and unloading for numerically controlled turret punch patent, US-9575765-B2: Coalescing adjacent gather/scatter operations patent, US-9578664-B1: Trusted signaling in 3GPP interfaces in a network function virtualization wireless communication system patent, US-9578984-B2: Pad, pad holder, assembly, and method for producing a beverage patent, US-9579426-B2: Coated elastomeric article patent, US-9581182-B2: Furniture connection bracket patent, US-9583595-B2: Methods of forming low noise semiconductor devices patent, US-9583601-B2: Method for manufacturing semiconductor device patent, US-9589070-B2: Method and system for updating a filter logic expression representing a boolean filter patent, US-9589131-B2: Method and computer device to control software file downloads patent, US-9590236-B2: Rechargeable alkaline metal and alkaline earth electrodes having controlled dendritic growth and methods for making and using the same patent, US-9592786-B2: Clip, curtain airbag mounting structure and pillar garnish mounting structure patent, US-9595019-B1: Parts inventory management patent, US-9595273-B1: Shingle magnetic writer having nonconformal shields patent, US-9598770-B2: Contoured showerhead for improved plasma shaping and control patent, US-9600473-B2: Systems and methods for multi-user multi-lingual communications patent, US-9600801-B2: Systems and methods for integrating research and incorporation of information into documents patent, US-9602164-B1: Methods and systems for making a pre-payment patent, US-9603519-B2: Ophthalmic range finding patent, US-9604607-B2: Method and device for autonomous braking of a vehicle following collision patent, US-9607339-B1: System and method for facilitating transportation of a vehicle involved in a crash patent, US-9607856-B2: Selective titanium nitride removal patent, US-9608371-B2: Interconnection apparatus and assembly comprising same patent, US-9609541-B2: Method and apparatus for device collaboration via a hybrid network patent, US-9611144-B2: Method and system for producing a synthesis gas in an oxygen transport membrane based reforming system that is free of metal dusting corrosion patent, US-9611555-B2: Chemical systems and methods for operating an electrochemical cell with an acidic anolyte patent, US-9611881-B2: Releasable mount apparatus and system patent, US-9613988-B2: Display device having narrower wiring regions patent, US-9615282-B2: Bandwidth-based configuration of measurement gaps patent, US-9615311-B2: Methods and apparatus for the communication of cellular network information between a wireless local area network and a mobile station patent, US-9616932-B2: Chassis assembly including connector breaking feature patent, US-9617453-B2: Solvent free aqueous polyurethane dispersions and methods of making and using the same patent, US-9617907-B2: System for controlling air flow into vehicle engine compartment patent, US-9618258-B2: Refrigerator having ice making compartment patent, US-9619646-B2: Access control for wireless docking patent, US-9622443-B2: Cotton variety 14R435B2R2 patent, US-9625149-B2: Thin chamber burner patent, US-9628354-B2: Methods and systems for monitoring network routing patent, US-9629461-B2: Device for influencing the movement of a furniture part, guide unit for guiding the movement of a furniture part, and item of furniture patent, US-9630031-B2: Lightweight protective fabrics and clothing for protection against hot or corrosive materials patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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